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France has several attractive small towns and the information about these towns can be found everywhere as they are most famous ones. Especially the well-trodden tourist circuits are heavily plugged by the tourist boards. These French towns are not only attractive; they are interesting too. Most of the small towns especially the areas which are situated in the rural areas have blighted the larger towns and the cities. The government of France has spent a lot for the regeneration and the renovation of the built environment.

Popular Towns in France

Chauvigny which is located at a distance of twenty kilometers from the east and it is well known for its castles. These castles are built in a row which is on the same rocky ridge. The famous St. Peter’s Collegial Church contains set of sculpted medieval capitals. It includes a museum of industrial archaeology including the museum of popular culture. Sommieres which is nearer to the Nimes is an attractive town which is situated on the banks of the river Vidourle. It includes the three ancient city gates, a Roman Bridge including the Roman Bridge which was substantially rebuilt in the 18th century. A research analysis report exclaims that in the period of medieval times the town was extended towards the river and at present, the Roman Bridge is located within the old town.

Kaysersburg is a popular town and it is well known for its preserved center which is situated in the typical Alsace style. Wine producers are richer in this place. Historic moments can also be found here, which is rich in its heritage and culture. Brantome is a small town built on the beautiful island in the banks of river Dronne. It has the alluring narrow streets along with the small shops and the restaurants. An impressive Benedictine abbey is situated between the river and the cliffs. The most interesting part is that it includes an underground Church. Brioude is a small town which is well known for its Saturday market. Here the famous medieval fresco is a Romanesque church and it attracts a huge number of visitors.  Presence of the freshwater aquarium and a lace making museum adds extra beauty to this place. The market day is especially Saturday and it is accessible by the train too.

A detailed structure of Barbazan and its surroundings

Barbazan is a beautiful place which is situated in the south of France. There is a list of attractive places to be visited here. Tarbes which is the capital of Hautes-Pyrenees, to the north of Lourdes and it is exactly in the Midi-Pyrenees region. The views of snow-capped mountains cover the place beautifully. Jardin Massey the most important one of this beautiful garden was founded in the 19th century. The monuments in the park including the interesting species of the trees give an amazing exploration. On the other side of the flip Cathedral, Notre Dame de la Sede is a famous Tourist place to visit. At the beginning of the 20th century, the town hall was constructed in the classical style. It is a well known substantial building along with the Campanile on the Place Jean Jaures. The Napoleonic Haras which is known to be a horse breeding and training center plays an important role in Tarbes and its life period is about two hundred years.

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Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges is a beautiful village which is situated on a small hill fifty kilometers south-east of Tarbes (France). It is a lovely sleepy location dressed by the lush green valleys of the region and it is an exclusive part of Pyrennean foothills. Once upon a time, it was the large town which is known to be Lugdunum Convenarum, built on the site of a Roman City. It had about ten thousand inhabitants where the Pompeii has a controlling power over it. In the present era, things have been slightly changed and the village has about only two hundred and fifty inhabitants.

Coming to the exploration of this place, there is a list of interesting sights here that date back to the Roman era including the medieval village center. The folks can enter the village through the important medieval entrances through the ramparts. Out of these, three are still in existences which are the massive part of the fortified walls. Interior of the streets of the town it contains a huge number of the half-timbered houses. These houses exclaim everything about the 15th-century Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges. It is known to be the important regional center and the pilgrimage center. On the other side of the www.dectar.com/airbnb-clone coin, the other interesting buildings are situated in the center of the village. Here the folks can see the traditional colombage houses including the barns of the region along with the integrated carpentry work.

Next, Basilica was built in the 11th and 12th centuries respectively in its unique Roman style. It was also listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site; it is one of the important pilgrimage sites.  This amazing pilgrimage has all the basic elements of a Roman church. The elements include semi-circular arches of the doorway, chevet to the rear side of the church including the carvings around the doorway. These best quality carvings represent the Christ and saints. Typically the Roman style is a one which includes a central nave along with the semi-circular stone arches. Most of the remains of the older buildings were used in the construction of the Church which also includes a stone from the nearby Roman Villa.